National Dahlia Society of New Zealand

Blue Bayou Precocious Annamari Oreti Rebel Claire de Lune

National Dahlia Society 80th Jubilee Show 2018

Giant Decorative
Bryn Terfel
N Neal
Large Decorative
Elma Elizabeth
N Neal
Medium Decorative
Trengrove Millennium
G Elmsley
Small Decorative
A and J Davey
Miniature Decorative
Acacia Kylie
M and P McLaughlin
No Giant,Large or Medium Cactus awarded
Small Cactus
Trelyn Kiwi
W and K Jack
Miniature Cactus Semicactus
Western Spanish Dancer
B Richards
Giant Semi Cactus not awarded
Large Semi Cactus
Light Accord
W and D Burgess
Medium Semi Cactus
Laurens Moonlight
W and D Burgess
Small Semicactus
Ruskin Andrea
J and R Casey
Giant Fimbriated
Show 'n'Tell
P and L Wilde
Large Fimbrated not awarded
Medium Fimbrated
Tioga Dawn
W and D Burgess
Small Fimbriated not awarded
Miniature Fimbriated
Frizzy Lizzy
A and J Davey
Pink Pat and Perc
A and J Davey
A and J Davey
Small Ball not awarded
Miniature Ball
W and D Burgess
Waterlily not awarded
Any Other Dahlia
Jodie Wilkinson
A and J Davey
Potted Dahlia
Pink Poppy
A and J Davey
Acacia Nymph
G and B Andrew
Acacia Star
G and B Andrew

Champion of Champions   Light Accord   W and D Burgess

Champion Bloom Open  Vals Candy   J and R Casey

Champion Vase Open   Acacia Nymph   G and B Andrew

Champion Vase Intermediate   Ruskin Andrea   W and D Burgess

Champion Bloom Intermediate  Light Accord   W and D Burgess

Champion Bloom Novice  Show 'n'Tell   P and L Wilde

Champion Vase Novice  Ruskin Andrea   P amd L Wilde

First Time Exhibitor   Ken's Choice   L Giles/D Lerwill

Top Table Jubilee Show