National Dahlia Society of New Zealand

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The National Dahlia Society Trial Grounds are at Paradise Gardens, Hinds

Managers: John and Jeanette Cuthbertson

Hinds is part of the Ashburton District and is located 19 kms south of Ashburton on State Highway One. The trial grounds here are well separated from the main dahlia display by a fence. The garden is divided into two beds with a walkway up the middle. It is surrounded with windbreak as the Canterbury plains are renowned for the strong Nor'westers that strike during Summer.

Members are always welcome to view the Grounds.

Trial Ground Results 2018

Kotare Trophy for Exhibition Dahlias

1st Mr G Switalla
Miniature Catus semicactus "Grayval Delight"
89.2 points
2nd Mr and Mrs W and K Jack
Medium Decorative "Oreti Megan"
86 points
3rd G and B Andrew
Collerette " Acacia Edna"
Red/yellow collar
85.2 points

Annabella Martin Trophy for Garden Dahlias

1st Mr G Switalla
Grayval Jaffa"
87.3 points
2nd Collerette "Acacia Edna"
G and B Andrew "
85.2 points